DnD map

Map of the current location.

Our WorldEdit

Our world for this campaign is a low magic world, so our characters use inherent bonuses. In this world magic is rare, but unlike the seeker campaign people will not try to burn you as a witch if they see you using it. I did this party because I like the idea of the inherent bonuses and party so we can switch back and forth between this campaign and the seeker campaign without problems with our characters.


This is a town to the north. There is famine and half of the populace has abandoned the land because an unnatural cold wind from the north and all but killed everything and it is cold as hell. It is ruled by her grace Duchess Blurmingham Yorkhamshire.


This is a small town where Mr. Titanium lives. It is also cold and crummy there.

Land of ShivEdit

The icy mountainous lands north of Fallcrest across the bay. It is very cold and scary there.